University of Montplaisir (UMT), established in 1993, is the oldest private university across Tunisia. Today, it holds alumni of more than 5000 graduates and capacity limits of more than 500 at campus, students representing both Tunisian and international students who came along from different parts of Africa. In addition; the university provides vocational training for more than 700 trainees in various fields.

UMT is a French medium university that has been offering Licence (Bachelor degree), Masters programs and professional Certificates in different areas of business administration and computer engineering since its inception in 1993.

The American Business Program (ABP) which will be launched on September, 2014 will be following the American style of education. However; ABP will be under the umbrella of UMT for the scholar years of 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 where it going to be in the same campus of UMT. Later on and starting from the scholar year of 2016-2017; ABP we be separated and will move to the Campus of American University in Tunis and will stay permanently under its umbrella. The school will offer a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees based on the American model of higher education. The official language of the school will be totally English.