I. Aims

In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, it is essential that business firms understand and rapidly respond to the expectations of their customers. Through robust course work in the dynamic field of marketing, students will be able to:


Identify target markets and develop marketing strategies


Manage brand equity


Plan and market products and services that will satisfy consumer wants and needs


Build customer relationships and develop distribution and sales strategies


Develop and maintain sustainable competitive advantage

Students will gain the requisite knowledge, skills and expertise necessary for a successful professional career in product planning and development, sales promotion, advertising and brand building.

II. Learn from seasoned faculty with solid experience

Our faculty includes Academically Qualified professors from American Universities, experienced executives and practicing business professionals, all with the same goal in mind: preparing students for a successful professional career in the business world. They are dedicated professors who thrive on interacting with students and helping them achieve their potential by employing a variety of teaching methods including classroom, on-line and experiential learning, our faculty will prepare you to join the business world with high competency and world-class expertise.

IV. Policies and Prerequisites

1.Grade Point Average

A minimum scholastic cumulative grade point average of 2.00 is required to be maintained at all times at the University. If the GPA drops below 2.00; you will be placed on Academic Probation for one semester, and if it does not return above 2.0 after one semester, you will be expelled from the University. For graduation you must have a 2.00 cumulative GPA and a 2.00 GPA in your major out of 4.00 GPA.


Students must complete 30 credit hours of required business courses in residence on Montplaisir campus after admission to the University, 21 required credits and 9 credit hours as electives in the chosen area of emphasis (Major) , and another set of 60 credits in non-business fields to earn a bachelor degree in business administration . Students must be in a residence at the campus awarding the degree, and must be registered as a business degree student during the term of graduation.

III. Career Opportunities

Marketing students find career opportunities in:

  • Advertising,
  • National and international marketing,
  • Marketing research,
  • Product and brand management,
  • Personal selling,
  • Public relations,
  • Retail management,
  • Sales management,
  • Business-to-business marketing,
  • Online and social media marketing,
  • Consumer affairs and protection, and
  • Distribution and logistics.

Sales person, the most common entry-level position, is the area in which the most number of jobs exist. A sales job is widely used as a stepping stone to a marketing management career.


V. Program Curriculum