I. Undergraduate degree requirements

You will be earning a Bachelor of sciences in business administration. You will have the opportunity to develop expertise in one of the areas of emphasis within this degree.

Total credits (see below for details about each category)

120 total semester hours in order to receive this degree student must earn a minimum of 120 acceptable semester hours of credit as follows:

  • Business core requirements 48 semester hours
  • Business are of emphasis requirements; 30semester hours
  • Business electives (minor) 15 semester hours
  • Non-business course requirements 18 semester hours
  • Non business electives: 9 semester hours

1. Business core requirements

48 semester hours

Students are advised to plan the core required course during the first three semesters.

3. Business electives (minor)

15 semester
Any course offered by business may count as business elective, but you still responsible for any prerequisites that apply to the course. Business courses required for areas of application are included in business electives. Business courses required by specific areas in excess of 15 hours listed under area of emphasis are included in business electives. There is not a place where you can view a complete list of business electives. When searching the catalog or registration system, you may take any course with the following prefixes as a business elective: FNCE, MKTG and OPIM. You may also take business electives while on study abroad with pre-approval from any advisor.

5. Non-business electives

9 semesters
Not all the classes are accepted as elective credits. Generally, to be acceptable, electives must have a form of assessment such as a term paper and/OR examinations, and must be regular classroom-type courses. Course coverage must be school-level, must be not repetitious of other work applied toward the degree, must be academic as opposed to vocational or technical and must be part of the regular university offerings.

2. Business area of emphasis (major)

30 semester hours
Students must choose an area of emphasis in Finance, marketing and OPIM operations and information management. Areas of emphasis consist of 30 semester hours beyond any business core courses. For more information about each area

4. Non-business course requirements

15 semesters
Students must take 15 hours of specific courses from the Arts and Sciences

II. Policies and prerequisites

Grade point average

A minimum scholastic cumulative grade point average of 2.00 is required at the school, including 2.00 cumulative for all the business courses. If either of these GPA drops below 2.0 you will be placed on academic probation for one semester, or if they do not return above 2.0 after one semester you will be excluded from the school. For graduation you must have a 2.00 cumulative business GPA, and a 2.00 GPA in your area of emphasis.


Students are responsible for knowing all prerequisites for the courses they enroll in. students who do not meet prerequisites can be dropped from the course at any time during the semester. Stop you from registering for a course for which you don’t have the prerequisites. You can find course description for all the class in the TSB catalog in schedule planner, and many cases in the registration system itself. You are responsible for researching these and not enrolling if you don’t meet the prerequisite. We’ve included the prerequisite for BCORS below as a reference.


30 semester hours
Students must complete 30 hours of business courses in residence on TBS campus after admission to the TBS including all 18 hours in the area of emphasis (Major) and the 9 hours in the elective (minor)
Students must be in residence at the campus awarding the degree and must be registered as a business degree student, during the term of graduation.